Sunday, April 17, 2011

Presentation on Information Transfer(10/3/2011)

Today my group have to present the information transfer writing.

How Students Spend Their Time After Classes

                The pie chart shows the percentage of how students spend their time after classes according to the type of activities such as indoor activities, socializing, studying, go for movies and outdoor activities. (Overview)

          Based on the pie chart, indoor activities such as playing computer and board games, cooking, and collecting stamps have the highest percentage which is 35% whereas the lowest percentage are outdoor activities and go for movies which is 10%.The gap between the highest and the lowest percentage is 25%. Indoor activities have the highest percentage due to less energy consumption. (CIKFs 1)

          As can be seen from the pie chart, the second highest percentage is socializing which is 25%. For example, chatting online, going out with friends and visiting places. It is because socializing is fun and it can entertain us from being bored. (CIKFs 2)

          From the pie chart, it can be shown that studying is much less preferable activity than socializing which is 5%. Students prefer socializing rather than studying because they tend to relax their mind after studying. (CIKFs 3)

          In conclusion, indoor activities will increase more and more in future due to the widespread of technology. Therefore, the university should provide more facilities in terms of technology in the campus.

Orange – Prediction (Pi)
Black – Proposal (P ii )
Light  Blue  -  Title

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