Sunday, April 17, 2011

Body Paragraph

The body paragraph in your essay support the main idea in your thesis statement by breaking it down into 
smaller ideas or subtopics. Ideas in your paragraphs should relate back to the thesis statement.

Key Features
Body paragraphs should contain some of the following features : 
a) Topic Sentence
    > Every paragraph should have a topic sentence. This is the most important sentence because it expresses
       the main idea of the paragraph.
    > Always to be in the form of complete sentences.
    > Contains the topic of the paragraph and the controlling idea (limits the topic to something very specific).
b) Supporting Sentence 
    > Relate to the ideas in the topic sentence. 
c) Concluding Sentence
    > Last sentence in a paragraph. 
    > A conclusion can remind the reader of the main points of the paragraph and/or leave the reader with
       something about in the relation to topic.
    > Some common expressions used in the concluding sentences are listed below : 
       - As we can see,...                                        - Finally,...
       - In summary,....                                           - Consequently,...
       - These example shows that.....                     - As a result,....
d) Unity
    > Each sentence in the paragraph is related to the topic sentence.
    > Discuss only one main idea

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