Sunday, April 17, 2011

Presentation of Introductory Paragraph (3/3/2011)

Today, all the group have to do their presentation in front of the class. My group present about quotations.


Vandalism comes naturally from our soul.These words come from a teenage boy and his friends who lax in drawing graffiti on the wall of a building. Teenage boys said that this work is a piece of art where they often did this to express their feelings or thoughts about certain things in our life. Furthermore, he said that they also draw the graffiti whenever they feel like doing it. This type of vandalism does not only involve teenagers but also adults.(Hook) However, these teens do not know that they have vandalized the image of the building as well as the environment.(Transition) Vandalism can be prevented if the government creates a law that severely restricts vandals in destroying the environment, giving motivational talk as well as giving punishment by doing community service.(Thesis)

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