Wednesday, April 13, 2011


- Part of speech that add information and describe the verb to what extend.
- Positions of adverb : before or after verb.

a) Adverb of time (eg. recently, now, then, yesterday, later, soon)
    - Example : Ahmad will be shifting to a new place soon.

b)Adverb of Manner (eg. slowly, carefully, quickly, well)
   - Put after the direct object or behind the verb if there's no direct object.
                    (subject)                   (direct object)
   - Example:     He          drove            the car            carefully.
                                    [verb(s)]                              (adverb)

c) Adverb of Place ( out, up, there, everywhere)
    - Example: The balloon went up into the sky.

d) Adverbs of Degree ( much, almost, quite)
   - To what limit or extend
   - Example: a) I nearly died due to the accident.
                    b) The classroom is almost empty when I arrive.

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