Sunday, April 17, 2011

Interpreting Writer's Point of View, Attitudes or Intentions

The writer's attitude towards an issue is shown through his/her tone uses in writing.
Example :
Neutral Attitude                                                               Biased
We have long been aware of the                                          We have long been aware that people
need to involve people for these                                           are being used for these abominable
medical tests                                                                        tests

Tones/Writer's use of words and writing styles to demonstrate his or her stand towards the issue :
a) Looking at word choice : positive, negative, neutral
b) Analyzing the phrasing used to describe an event : Is the author sarcastic? Does the author lay out
    facts with no opinions?
c) Considering how you feel when you read the text or even watch a video : What emotions have been
    evoked in you? Do you feel angry, sad or happy?

Example of Tone Words

Reasons/Purpose in Writing
> To persuade
> To inform
> To instruct
> To entertain
> To announce
> To explain

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