Sunday, April 17, 2011

Article (31/3/2011)

> Refers to a word that come after nouns (A, An, The)
> There are two types of article : 
    a) Definite Article 
        # 'The' is called as the definite article because it points out a particular and specific object or class.
        #  Example : 
            i) I sat on the chair.
           ii) This is the book I was talking about. 
     b) Indefinite Article 
         # A
            - Used to points out an object but not any particular specimen.
            - Used before words beginning with a consonant sound or an aspirated 'h'
            - Example : I have a book.
        # An
           - Used before words beginning with vowel sound.
           - Example : He is an honest person.

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