Sunday, April 17, 2011

Active and Passive Voice (29/3/2011)

Voice - The form a verb takes to indicate whether the subject of the verb performs or receives the action.
          - There is two types of voice : Active Voice and Passive Voice

> Indicates that the subject of the verb is acting because the subject does or "acts upon" the verb in such 
   sentences, the sentences are said to be the active voice
> Example : i) The computer printed my paper.
                       Explanation : The computer (subject) is doing the printing (verb) 
> Most writer prefers to use active voice because it is more direct.

> The subject is being "acted upon" or is passive
> In a passive voice sentence, the subject and object flip-flop. The subject becomes the passive recipient
   of the action.
> Example : i) The boy was jumped on by the dog.
                      Boy (subject) was being jumped on (verb)
> In general, the passive voice is less direct, less forceful and less concise

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