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Writing (28 January 2011)

28 January 2011
Today I learn about writing in my BEL 260 class at U 214..


Pre-Writing Techniques

Writing Process
   >Brainstorm ideas, points and how to organise a piece of writing.

   >Careful planning eliminates possible problems and helps you to write a clear, well-focused piece of writing
     with reasonable ideas and a meaningful presentations.

   >Involve creative and critical thinking in this process.
   >Creative and critical thought processes will result in sentences and paragraphs that are well developed and
     attract the attention of the reader.

4)Editing / Reviewing
   >Enables the writer to detect errors.
   >To refine and "polish rough spots".


Extended writing means writing an essay that is more than 250 words.

Outlines of Extended Writing

    >Opening sentences
    >Thesis Statement (main ideas that will be developed in the essay)

2)Body Paragraph 1 
   >Topic sentence 1 (main point of the paragraph)
   >Supporting details
   >Concluding sentence (optional)

3)Body Paragraph 2
   >Topic sentence 2
   >Supporting details
   >Concluding sentence

4)Body Paragraph 3
   >Topic sentence 3
   >Supporting details
   >Concluding sentence

   >Reaffirm thesis statement
   >Summary of main points

>Thesis statement
   A sentence that shows the controlling idea of a piece of a writing.
>It have to be specific because it acts as the ' focus ' of the writing.
>Poor thesis statement  - too general or ambiguous.
>Normally comes at the end of the introductory paragraph.


>Short essay
>Contain all aspects of an extended essay
>Average paragraph - about 150 to 200 words 

Outlines of A Paragraph 

1) Topic Sentences (TS)
     >Usually written as the first sentence of a paragraph.
     >In some cases, it is also written in the middle or at the end of the paragraph.
     >Always stated in a complete sentence.
     >Verifies or supports a thesis statement. It informs the reader of the content or ideas to be discussed in  
        the paragraph.

2) Supporting Details (SD)
    >Supporting sentences need to be about the idea presented in the topic sentence.
    >Ways to support topic sentence are:
       a) Giving examples and illustrations
       b) Presenting statistics
       c) Evaluating causes and effects
       d) Making comparisons and contrasts

3) Concluding Sentence (CS)
     >Summary of a paragraph.
     >Final remark on the main idea of the paragraph.
       a) As we can see
       b) Hence
       c) As a result
       d) These examples shows that
       e) Therefore
       f) Consequently

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