Monday, February 7, 2011

Outcome Based Education(OBE) - 4 January 2011

4 January 2011
Today is the first day I start my BEL 260 class in the morning at Cyber Lingua Lab 2.. On this day, I have learn about the Outcome Based Education(OBE) which is the method that focus on what students can actually do after they are taught... There are also the programme outcome and course outcome..

Programme Outcome 
  • Specific and general knowledge, skill, attitude and abilities demonstrate by graduates or students.
  • Expect to have mastered the outcomes by the time they finish all coursework in their program.
Course Outcome
Describe what students or graduates should know, understand and can do upon the completion of course based on analysis, synthesis and evaluation.

Also, I have learn about the " 9 Ministry Of Higher Education(MOHE) Attributes " . They consists of
  • Knowledge - Bloom Taxonomy
  • Practical Skills
  • Critical Thinking & Scientific Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Social Skills, Teamwork & Responsibility
  • Values, Ethics, Moral & Professionalism
  • Information Management and Lifelong Learning Skills
  • Managerial and Entrepreneurial Skills
  • Leadership Skills
At the end of this class, I think I need to instil the " 9 MOHE Attributes " in  my life or as a self-assessment as a person or student in daily activities..

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